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Working hard may be something you do every day, but nobody likes to bust their butt more than necessary. Whether you’re getting your hands dirty out in the field or just doing your best to keep the place looking good, you need tools that work as hard as you do.

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Ragan & Massey is at the forefront of the forage seed and agricultural chemical industries. Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we have grown to offer 34 high-quality, innovative products under 12 proprietary brands that are available in over 3,500 stores nationwide.

Today, our founders, Tom Ragan and Mike Massey, continue to lead our company from our headquarters in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. As always, they are searching for new ways to serve the hardworking people who use our products and meet the ever-increasing demand for our current product lines.

Whether you’re working on the back forty or just in the backyard, we’re betting that we have a forage seed, turf seed, wildlife plot seed or property-beautifying solution that’s just right for you. So please—take a look around, and let’s discover all the ways that Ragan & Massey can help you get the job done right, every time.

Red Clover: A ‘Work Horse’ Forage Legume

There are several good reasons for growing forage legumes when feasible. These include biological nitrogen fixation, possible extension of the grazing season, increased forage yield (especially compared to grasses receiving little or no nitrogen fertilizer), and improved forage quality.  Factors to consider in selecting a legume to plant can include producer objectives, soil types, sites, and grass species present.  No one legume is right for every […]

Take the Sting Out of Fire Ants this Summer

There are two truths that fall with every heavy rain – your grass will need to be mowed immediately (even if you just mowed the day before) and your yard will be covered with angry, red fire ant mounds filled with insects just waiting to sting your unsuspecting leg. Fire ants are more than just a pesky problem. The stings can […]

Get To Know Ragan & Massey’s Prine 

Winter grazing offers many benefits, like saving money, time and effort. It is no wonder that more and more farmers across the United States are adopting winter grazing habits for cattle, sheep, horses and goats. Planting a winter pasture helps stretch your stockpiles of hay, requiring less to buy or less time in the field to harvest. And, it […]

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